2.2.25. Installation of a back epiploon of a bent shaft


  1. At first it is necessary to establish a bent shaft, then to tighten bolts of covers of radical bearings. Then in the holder establish a new epiploon and tighten bolts of fastening of the holder to the block.
  2. Before installation of a bent shaft very carefully check the surface of contact with an epiploon regarding scratches and jags which can damage a fillet of a new epiploon and cause oil leak. If the bent shaft is damaged, then the only alternative is other or new bent shaft if in a mechanical workshop do not offer a way of repair.
  1. The old epiploon can be taken from the case by means of the hammer and a punch, influencing from the back party. Do not forget to pay attention before extraction on what depth the epiploon is installed in the case; the new epiploon has to be established on the same depth. Be very careful not to scratch or put other damages to an opening in the case, differently there can be an oil leak.
  1. Make sure that the holder pure, then apply a thin film of motive oil on the outer edge of a new epiploon. The epiploon should be crushed plainly in a case opening therefore use of the hammer is undesirable. If the press is inaccessible, then clamp the case and an epiploon between two smooth whetstones of a tree and press an epiploon into place between sponges of a big vice. Whetstones of a tree have to be rather thick that the effort was distributed evenly on all circle of an epiploon. Working slowly, being convinced that the epiploon plainly enters a case opening.
  1. Before putting on the epiploon/holder a bent shaft and to tighten bolts, fillets of an epiploon should be oiled universal lubricant or pure motive. Establish new laying - sealant is not required, and before installation of the holder be convinced that the directing pins are on the places.
  1. Gradually tighten the holder's nuts/screws until they are hardly wrapped up, tighten them with the effort specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management.