2.2.12. Removal of pistons / rods


  1. Before removal of pistons/rods assembled remove a head of cylinders and the pallet. On M10, M20 and M30 engines remove the oil pump. Address appropriate sections of the Part the Repair work which is carried out without extraction of the engine from the car).
  1. Check a nail existence of a ledge in the top point of the movement of a piston ring (approximately, at distance of 6 mm from top of each cylinder). If because of carbonaceous osazhdeniye or wear of the cylinder ledges were formed, then they need to be removed by means of the tool called by a vertical drill. Make it before removal of pistons. Follow the instruction for application of the manufacturer of this tool. If before installation of pistons/rods not to remove these ledges, then it can lead to breakage of a piston ring.
  1. After removal of ledges in cylinders turn the engine a bent shaft up.
  2. Before removal of rods check probes a side side play. Insert probes between the first rod and a cheek of a crank that the side play disappeared. The side side play corresponds to thickness of the probe (probes). If the side side play exceeds an admissible limit, then new rods will be required. At installation of new rods (or a new bent shaft) be convinced that some side side play takes place if is not present, then rods need to be subjected to machining - if necessary address for consultation in a workshop). Repeat operation for other rods.
  1. Check identification tags of rods and covers. If they are not marked, then apply with a small center punch the number of tags corresponding to number of the cylinder on each rod and a cover (1, 2, 3 and so on).
  1. In turn on a half-turn to weaken nuts/bolts of covers of each rod until they begin to turn away a hand. Remove a cover and an insert of the bearing of a rod No. 1. Do not drop an insert from a cover.
  1. If for fastening of covers hairpins, then are applied to protection of a neck of a bent shaft and a wall of the cylinder at extraction of the piston, put on short rubber or plastic tubes hairpins.
  1. Remove an insert of the bearing and push out a piston/rod assembled outside at the top of the cylinder. Press the surface of the top bearing of a rod the wooden handle of the hammer. If resistance is felt, double-check that all ledge is removed from the cylinder.
  2. Repeat the procedure for other cylinders.
  3. After removal make installation of covers of rods and inserts of bearings in the corresponding rods and turn a hand of bolts/nut of covers. Preservation of former inserts of bearings on their places before assembly will help to protect the surfaces of bearings of rods from emergence of casual agnails and dents.
  4. Do not separate pistons from rods (watch the Section Check of a Condition of Pistons/rods).