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2.2.8. Dismantling of a head of cylinders


  1. Remove a head of cylinders (watch the Part the Repair work which is carried out without extraction of the engine from the car).
  2. Pick up the oil phone in the top part of a head of cylinders. Make sure that you remembered the provision of all laying and washers for assembly.

It is important to replace epiploons under bolts of fastening of a tube.

M10, M20 and M30 engines


  1. Adjust all valves on the maximum gap, rotating the clown on the valvate party of a yoke towards the center of a head (if necessary address the Head Routine maintenance of the car).
  2. Before removal of a persistent plate measure an axial side play of the camshaft, having installed the dial indicator on the forward side of a head of cylinders, and the probe having arranged on the camshaft. Move the camshaft in a cylinder head forward - back. The indication of the indicator will also be an axial side play.
  3. Compare indications to the values given in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management.
  1. Turn off bolts and remove a persistent plate of the camshaft.

There are two various provisions of a persistent plate. On M10 and M30 engines it is fixed in a forward part of a head of cylinders behind a gas distribution cogwheel flange. On M20 and M40 engines the persistent plate is located in a head near shaft of yokes in a forward part of a head of cylinders.

  1. Uncover with back surfaces a head cylinders - at removal of a cover remember an arrangement of all laying, washers and epiploons.
  1. Remove lock clips from yokes.

There are several types of clips. Wire clips are established on both sides of a yoke; the spring clip is established on a yoke and covers it on the one hand.

  1. Before removal of shaft of yokes measure radial gaps of yokes, using the dial indicator, and compare results to the values given in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management. Turn in both parties a yoke on a shaft without its sliding along a shaft. Full scope on the end of a yoke turned to the camshaft, will be a radial gap. If a gap too big, then it is necessary to replace the plug of a yoke or a shaft of yokes, or that and another.
  1. Remove in a forward part of a head of cylinders lock rubber or carving caps, depending on application. In a forward part of each shaft of yokes there is a cap.

If on the engine in a forward part of shaft of yokes the made caps are established, then for their removal send a head of cylinders to a mechanical workshop to avoid damage of a head of cylinders or shaft of yokes.

  1. Rotate the camshaft to situation at which the possible majority of yokes will be free (will not squeeze the corresponding springs of valves).
  2. For other yokes which remained squeezing springs of valves BMW for pressing of yokes on springs suggests to use the special tool in the form of a fork (thereby having removed effort of a spring from a camshaft cam). If this tool is inaccessible, insert into gaps over eccentric regulators from the valvate party of yokes standard screw-drivers. By means of screw-drivers press yokes on springs of valves and hold them at extraction of the camshaft in such situation (watch the following paragraph). This operation will require, at least, one assistant as it is usually necessary to squeeze three or four springs of valves. If the assistant is inaccessible, then it is possible to try to fix by a strong wire screw-drivers which squeeze springs of valves, on a board.

Make sure that the wire is reliably fixed on a board and on screw-drivers, otherwise screw-drivers can jump out of a head of cylinders and injure.

  1. When all yokes left contact with camshaft cams, slowly and carefully take the camshaft from a forward part of a head of cylinders.
  2. At extraction can be required to turn the camshaft.

Be very careful that at extraction not to scratch a neck of bearings of the camshaft.

  1. After removal of the camshaft carefully remove shaft of yokes. On models without carving openings from the forward party of shaft take shaft through the back party of a head of cylinders, having used the hammer and a core from a strong tree which has to have diameter a little less, than a shaft of yokes.
  1. For shaft of yokes with carving openings from the forward party for extraction of a shaft wrap the sliding hammer.
  1. After removal from a head of cylinders of all shaft of yokes remove one behind another yokes.
  2. Put each yoke in the marked package that at assembly they were established on former places. At removal of shaft of yokes remember their situation. The directing flat cuts and small maslovodny openings are directed inside; big maslovodny openings are turned towards the directing valves down. Also mark shaft of yokes that they could be established in a head of cylinders in former situation.

M40 engines

Keep a head of cylinders in vertical position, all hydropushers will not be removed yet. If not to execute it, then oil from hydropushers can flow out and they will become disabled.


  1. Check that covers of bearings of the camshaft were numbered or their situation was marked.
  1. Therefore turn off and remove bolts of fastening of covers of bearings of the camshaft.

... then uncover the M40 engine camshaft

  1. Lift the camshaft from top of a head of cylinders and remove from the end turned to a gear wheel of the drive of the gas-distributing mechanism, an epiploon.
  1. Prepare a box with the offices filled with motive oil for placement of hydropushers so that to keep them according to their arrangement. Also prepare one more box for pushers.
  1. Remove pushers...

... and persistent disks.

... then take from wells in a head of cylinders hydropushers.

All engines


  1. Before removal of valves organize marking and their storage, as well as the related components so that they could be stored separately and would be again established in the same guides.
  1. Squeeze a szhimatel of a spring of the first valve and remove crackers. Carefully release a szhimatel of a spring of the valve and remove the holder, a spring and a saddle of a spring (if it is applied).
  1. Take from a valve head, then remove with directing a maslootrazhatelny cap.
  2. Repeat operation for other valves. Do not forget to store all parts of one valve together that they were again established on former places.
  3. When valves and the related components are removed and laid in the required order, the head of cylinders should be cleared and examined carefully. If complete capital repairs are made, before cleaning and survey of a head finish dismantling of the engine.
  4. If the valve gets stuck in a guide (is not taken), insert it back into a head and a small file or an abrasive stone remove in a flute zone under agnail crackers.