2.2.11. Assembly of a head of cylinders


  1. Before assembly be convinced that a head of cylinders perfectly pure.
  2. If the head for service of valves was sent to a workshop, then valves will be already installed. Begin the procedure of assembly with item 1.
  3. Having begun with any end of a head, install the first valve, having greased its core with lubricant on the basis of a disulfide of molybdenum or motive oil.
  1. Grease a fillet of a maslootrazhatelny cap, carefully put on it the end of the valve.

... then shift it on a core to a guide. Carefully chuck in with the hammer and a long face head or the device for installation of maslootrazhatelny caps a cap before its full installation a guide. Do not bend and do not twist a cap in installation time, otherwise he will not sit down correctly concerning a valve core.

On some engines maslootrazhatelny caps of inlet and final valves are various - do not mix them.

  1. Establish on directing saddle of a spring or a washer (washers), and then a spring and the holder of a spring.
  1. Squeeze a spring a szhimatel and carefully establish crackers in a flute, then carefully release a szhimatel and be convinced that crackers are established correctly.

If necessary apply a small amount of lubricant that they kept on the places on each cracker.

  1. Repeat operations of item 3 - 6 for each valve. Make sure that components are installed on the places - do not mix them!

M10, M20 and M30 engines


  1. Establish as it should be, the return to dismantling, yokes and shaft. Make sure that shaft are established in the correct situation. The flat directing cuts and small lubricant openings have to be turned inside; big lubricant openings - down, towards the directing valves.
  1. Grease with paste for assembly of the engine or a disulfide molybdenic lubricant of a neck and camshaft cams, then carefully insert it into a head of cylinders, turning so that cams bypassed yokes. Besides, it will be necessary to squeeze springs of valves through yokes as it is described in the Section Dismantling of a Head of Cylinders that cams passed under yokes. Be very careful not to scratch or create dents on the surfaces of bearings of the camshaft in a head of cylinders.

M40 engines


  1. Grease wells of hydroelevators in a head of cylinders, then establish them on the places.
  2. Install on valves persistent disks, and pushers - on valves and rods of hydropushers, having kept their former arrangement.
  3. Grease in a head of cylinders of a surface of bearings of the camshaft.
  4. Install the camshaft in a head of cylinders so that both valves of the cylinder No. 1 were open, and valves of the cylinder No. 4 were in a condition of switching (final it is closed, inlet opens). The cylinder No. 1 is located from a gas distribution belt.
  5. Grease surfaces of covers of bearings, then establish them in the correct situation and insert fastening bolts. Serially step by step tighten bolts with the required effort.
  6. Establish a new epiploon in a cover of the forward bearing of the camshaft (watch the Part the Repair work which is carried out without extraction of the engine from the car).

All engines


  1. Establish in the top part of a head of cylinders a tube of supply of oil with new epiploons, then tighten bolts with the required effort.
  2. The head of cylinders is ready to installation (watch the Part the Repair work which is carried out without extraction of the engine from the car).