2.2.6. Options of capital repairs of the engine

Independent repair of the engine can be executed by several options. The decision on replacement of the block of cylinders, pistons / rods assembled and a bent shaft depends on several factors, the condition of the block of cylinders is basic of which. Other reasons are the price, availability of a mechanical workshop, availability of spare parts, time for performance of work and the level of experience of independent performance of mechanical works.

Are among options:

Separate parts - If check of a state showed that the block of cylinders and the most part of components of the engine can be used again, then acquisition of separate parts can be the most economic option. The block of a bent shaft and pistons / rods have to be assembled carefully checked. Even if the block has insignificant wear, the surfaces of cylinders have to be otkhoningovana.

Set with a bent shaft - Set (if it is available) consists of the ground bent shaft with new suitable repair inserts of radical and conrod bearings.

Sometimes the restored rods and new pistons with rings enter such set (such enrollment is called "enrollment for the engine"). If the block in good shape, then necks of a bent shaft are worn-out or teases have, then set with a bent shaft and other separate parts can be the most economic option.

Small set with the block - Small set consists of the block of cylinders with a bent shaft and pistons / rods established on it assembled. New bearings are installed and all gaps are correctly exposed. The available camshafts, components of valves, heads of cylinders and hinged knots can be installed on the block with insignificant necessary processing in a workshop or without that.

Full set with the block - "Full" or "big" set includes a small set and the oil pump, the pallet, a head of cylinders, a cover of a head of cylinders, the camshaft, components of valves, cogwheels and a chain (or a belt) the gas distribution drive mechanism. All components have new bearings, epiploons and laying. It is necessary only to attach the inlet pipeline, a final collector and the hinged equipment.

Attentively consider what option the best for you, and consult in local mechanical workshops, at dealers of spare parts and at skilled masters in restoration of engines before getting or ordering new parts.