2.2.4. Ways of removal of the engine and precautionary measure

If the decision on removal of the engine for a capital or heavy repair is made, then it is necessary to take some preliminary steps.

It is extremely important to choose the place, suitable for work. The corresponding workplace and the place for storage of the car will be required. If the workshop or a garage are inaccessible, then the flat pure asphalt or concrete platform as a last resort will approach.

Cleaning of a motive compartment and the engine before removal will help to keep tools in purity and an order.

Also the winch for the engine or the And-shaped frame will be required. Make sure that the equipment will sustain engine weight with hinged components. Safety has paramount value, considering potential danger at extraction of the engine from the car.

Plan work in advance. Before work prepare or buy all necessary tools and the equipment. To number of the equipment necessary for safe and rather simple removal and installation of the engine (in addition to the winch), the powerful roller jack, full sets of Rozhkov of keys and face heads as it is specified at the beginning of the management, wooden whetstones and enough rags and detergent for removal of the spilled oil, a cooler and fuel belong. If the winch for the engine needs to be hired, then be convinced that you are ready to it and performed all works which can be made without it. It will save time and money.

Prepare that the car some time will be not on the run. Some works which without the special equipment cannot independently be executed will be required to be charged to a mechanical workshop. These enterprises are often busy therefore it is expedient to consult with them before removal of the engine precisely to define time necessary for restoration or repair of components which will demand it.

Always at removal and installation of the engine be extremely careful. Careless actions can lead to injuries. Plan forward, do not feel sorry for time and this work, though big, it can be successfully executed.

The air conditioning system is under high pressure. Do not weaken any connections and do not remove any components until the system is discharged by the qualified specialist. Always at a detachment of connectors of the air conditioning system use goggles.

At removal of the M40 engine it is important not to hold it in the turned situation more than 10 minutes as from hydropushers oil can flow out. It will make hydropushers disabled and the engine at start can fail.