2.2.15. Cleaning of the block of cylinders

The caps installed in channels of cooling of the block can be taken hardly or even at all not to be taken.


  1. Take from the block of cylinders of a cap. For this purpose strike with the hammer and a punch in the block one party of a cap, big flat-nose pliers take for its other edge and pull out.
  2. Remove with a scraper from the block of cylinders all traces of material of laying. Be very careful not to leave on the condensed surfaces of the tease or a dent.
  3. Uncover radical bearings and separate from covers and the block of cylinders inserts of bearings. Note to which cylinder bearings belong and they were installed in a cover or in the block, and then put aside.
  4. Take all caps of oil pipelines from the block, Caps are usually established very hardly - perhaps it will be required to drill them and to clean openings a tap. At assembly of the engine use new caps.
  5. If the engine is strongly polluted, then it should be sent for cleaning the ferry to a mechanical workshop.
  6. After return of the block from a mechanical workshop once again clean openings and channels of oil pipelines. In most shops of autoaccessories there are special brushes. Wash out channels water until it begins to follow pure, carefully drain the block and oil all otfrezerovanny surfaces a lung anticorrosive. If compressed air is available, then for acceleration of drying use it, and blow them all openings and channels of oil pipelines.

When using compressed air protect eyes!

  1. If the block is not strongly polluted or polluted by dirt, then the corresponding cleaning can be made hot soap solution and a rigid brush. Perform this work carefully and allocate for it enough time. Irrespective of methods of cleaning be convinced that all openings and channels of oil pipelines are cleaned very carefully, the block is dried completely up and the processed surfaces are covered with light oil.
  1. Carving openings in the block for exact measurements of efforts of tightening at assembly have to be cleaned. For removal of a rust, corrosion, a carving compound or dirt wrap a tap of the corresponding size in each opening. If it is possible, clear after this operation of an opening of garbage compressed air. Make sure that all openings dry - oil or other liquid can lead to the fact that when tightening bolts because of hydraulic pressure the block will burst. Now the turn to clear carvings of all bolts came. Pay attention that BMW recommends to replace bolts of a head of cylinders and radical bearings new.
  1. Establish covers of radical bearings and a hand tighten bolts.
  2. After drawing on the condensing surfaces of a suitable compound install them in the block. Be sure that they are established plainly and against the stop, differently there can be a leak. For this purpose there are special tools, however, it is also successfully possible to apply a face head which can be inserted into a cap, the extender on 1/2 inches and the hammer.
  1. Apply non-drying sealant on new caps of oil pipelines and wrap them in block openings. Make sure that they are reliably tightened.
  1. If the engine is not supposed to be assembled further, then for preservation it in purity cover the block with a big plastic package.