17:15. Check and replacement of spark plugs

Annually or each 20 000 km of a run  

Tools necessary for replacement of spark plugs.

1 — the Head of a candle key - is equipped with a special soft insert for protection of the porcelain insulator of a candle
2 the Dynamometer key - though it is also not extremely necessary tool, but gives the maximum guarantee of correctness of effort of tightening of candles
3 the Ratchet drive - is standardly applied in a set to a candle key
4 the Extender - depending on model of the car and its accessories special extenders and universal hinges can be necessary for you for ensuring access to candles
5 the Measuring instrument of a candle gap - it the device for check of a candle gap is issued in various modifications. Make sure that there is a measuring instrument for a gap of your car. Instead of it it is possible to use probe edges

Before work prepare all necessary tools which include a replaceable head of a candle key and a set of edges of the probe. Some producers of spark plugs deliver special tools for measurement of a candle gap.

The best way of replacement of spark plugs is preliminary purchase of new candles, adjustment of their gap and replacement of each candle in turn. Upon purchase of candles it is very important to choose those candles which are intended for the engine of your car. Information on them can be obtained in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management.


  1. Having near at hand new candles, let's the engine cool down completely before removal of old. During this time it is possible to examine new candles on existence in them of defects and to check candle gaps.
  1. The candle gap is checked by insertion of the measuring instrument of the necessary thickness between electrodes on the end of a candle. The gap has to correspond specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management. The delay has to concern each of electrodes only. If the gap does not meet standard, slightly turn in a curved part of an electrode by means of the regulator with notches before achievement of necessary size of a gap.

At adjustment of a gap of a new candle turn in only the grounding electrode basis, without touching its end. If the electrode of grounding is displaced rather central electrode, by means of the regulator with notches level them. Check the porcelain insulator for existence of the cracks indicating that, the candle should be replaced.

  1. At the cooled engine disconnect VV a wire from one of spark plugs. At the same time do not pull for a wire, you hold the socket on its end. Sometimes it is required to apply rotary motion to separation of the socket.
  1. If there is such opportunity, use compressed air for blowing of dirt and particles of alien materials from area around spark plugs. It is possible to use for this purpose the ordinary bicycle pump. It becomes with the purpose to avoid a possibility of hit of garbage in the cylinder after extraction of candles.
  1. Establish a head of a candle key on a candle and remove a candle from the engine, having unscrewed it counterclockwise.
  1. Compare the taken-out candle with shown in pictures, it will give you useful information about the general condition of the engine.
  2. Apply a little cupriferous anti-taking structure on a carving of a new candle. Insert a candle into a head of cylinders and twist it fingers against the stop, then tighten by means of a head of a candle key. If it is possible, use a dynamometer key for tightening of a candle to be sure that it is established correctly. The effort of tightening of candles is included in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management.

In order to avoid a possibility of a vvinchivaniye of a candle not on a carving put on a small piece of a rubber hose or a plastic tube its shaft. The flexible tube will work as universal - the cardan hinge, providing alignment of a candle in relation to a candle nest and in case the candle begins to warp, the hose will slip on it, without giving the chance to strip a thread.

  1. Before connection to a candle of a high-voltage (VV) wire carefully examine it as it is described in the Section Check and replacement of candle VV of wires, a cover and the runner of the distributor.
  2. Connect a wire to the established new candle, again using rotary motion and holding the socket until it is put on a candle up to the end.
  3. Repeat the procedure described above for other spark plugs consistently to avoid the wrong connection of candle VV of wires.