17:32. Replacement of gearbox oil of manual transmission

Each 38 000 km of a run or time in two years

The tools necessary for this work include axial support for maintenance of the car in the lifted state, a face key for an otdavaniye of a drain stopper, the drain capacity, newspapers and pure rags. It is necessary to prepare necessary amount of gearbox oil also (see the item. Types of the applied lubricants and liquids in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of this manual).

Gearbox oil merges in a hot state (i.e. right after a trip on the car); from hot oil pollution are removed easier. As oil will be hot, it is better to perform works in rubber gloves.


  1. The car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support. Try to install the car as it is possible more exactly.
  2. Place the necessary equipment under the car, trying not to concern hot components of final system.
  1. Place drain capacity under transmission and remove a bulk stopper from a side part of transmission. Weaken a drain stopper.
  1. Carefully remove a drain stopper. Try not to burn at the same time hot oil.
  2. Let's oil flow out completely. Carefully clear a drain stopper, then establish it and reliably tighten.
  3. Read instructions of the Section Check of Level of Oil in a manual box of gear shifting and fill transmission with new oil, then establish a cover of a bulk mouth and reliably tighten it.
  4. Lower the car on the earth. Having passed the first several kilometers, check whether the drain stopper proceeds.