17:29. Replacement of transmission liquid and AT filter

Each 38 000 km of a run or time in two years

Through certain intervals of a time/distance in kilometers replacement of transmission liquid has to be made. As liquid long enough remains hot after switching off of the engine, make this procedure only after full cooling of the engine.

Before work buy the transmission liquid specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management and also the new filter.

Others tools, necessary for holding this procedure, are axial support for fixing of the car in the lifted state, the drain capacity not less than 4.5 liters, newspapers and pure rags.


  1. The car and reliably establish to Poddomkratta it on axial support.
  1. Weaken a washer of a tube of the measuring probe.

... then disconnect a tube of the probe and let's liquid flow out.

  1. Give bolts of fastening and remove transmission case pallet brackets.
  1. Disconnect the case pallet from transmission and lower it, trying not to spill the remained liquid.
  1. Carefully clear the surface of contact of the pallet with transmission.
  2. Merge liquid from the pallet in a suitable container, then wash out the pallet solvent and dry up it compressed air. Carefully clean off all metal particles from a magnet if it is available.
  1. By means of a key like "Torks" give filter bolts …

... then remove the filter from transmission.

  1. Remove a sealing ring of round section from transmission. If it in satisfactory condition, clean it and install on the new filter, otherwise replace it.
  1. Establish a sealing ring of round section and the new filter, having reliably tightened fixing bolts.
  2. Make sure that the contact surfaces of laying of the pallet rather pure, then establish new laying. Bring the pallet to transmission, establish fixing brackets and spread bolts. Moving around the pallet, tighten each bolt gradually until reach the size of the required effort. Do not draw bolts! Attach a tube of the measuring probe and reliably tighten a washer.
  3. Lower the car and add the required amount of liquid through a jellied mouth (see the Section Check of Level of Lubricant Liquid of Automatic Transmission).
  4. Establish transmission in situation "Parking" and cock the parking brake, then start the engine on single turns, without squeezing out the accelerator pedal.
  5. Carry out the selector lever through all transfers and again establish it in situation "Parking". Check liquid level.
  6. After the several first trips check the car bottom for existence of leak of liquid.