17:18. Check of level of lubricant liquid of differential

Annually or each 20 000 km of a run

On the case of differential there is a stopper of a jellied mouth / measurement of level of liquid which for check of level of oil should be removed. If the car is raised to provide access to this stopper, make sure that it is reliably fixed - do not climb under the car standing only on a jack!

For the correct check of level of oil the car has to be fixed exactly.


  1. Remove a stopper from differential. To turn off it, use a six-sided key.
  1. Using a little finger as the probe, check liquid level - it has to reach a stopper opening bottom. If it not so, use the syringe for a dolivaniye of the recommended oil to the level when it begins to overflow mouths.
  2. Establish a cover and reliably tighten it.
  3. If you noticed that too frequent dolivka is required, it can be only because of existence of leaks which should be revealed and eliminated before serious troubles appear.