17:35. Control of an alarm lamp of the notification about approach of the term of planned maintenance (TPM)

Each 38 000 km of a run or time in two years

The alarm lamps notifying on approach of term of planned maintenance

All models described in this manual are equipped with different types of the alarm lamps arranged on dashboards which automatically light up after passing by the car of a certain number of kilometers. These lamps can be disconnected only by means of the special tool which is inserted into the socket located in a motive compartment.

Though the tool for control of alarm lamps of the notification of SPTO can be bought in dealer office of service, it is also possible to find alternative tools in shops of auto parts at reasonable price. At acquisition of such tool it is important to know model and year of release of your car, and also the number of contacts in the socket (15 or 20). Having bought the tool, it is necessary only to insert it into the socket, and following instructions of the manufacturer of the tool, to make control of an alarm lamp.

The alarm lamp of wear of brake shoes will not be reinstalled automatically if the wear sensor (or its conducting) is damaged as a result of wear of blocks: at first it should be repaired.

The used earlier 15-contact socket (it is specified by an arrow) is located at a forward part of the engine. the 20-contact socket which is used on later models is located in the left back corner of a motive compartment.
For control of an alarm lamp of the notification about approach of term of planned maintenance it is possible to use the tool, similar shown on a photo, having thrust it in the special socket.

Alarm lamps are run by the panel of the notification of SPTO on an instrument guard which works from the recharged batteries. If these batteries fail, problems will come to light on the notification panel. Signs of failure of batteries are the impossibility of control of alarm lamps and a malfunction in work of a tachometer, the measuring instrument of temperature and the radio receiver. Steering you will find fuller information on the panel of the notification of SPTO in the Head.