17:33. Replacement of lubricant liquid of differential

Each 38 000 km of a run or time in two years


  1. Before work let's the car pass several kilometers to warm up lubricant liquid of differential, then the car and reliably establish to a poddomkratta it on axial support.
  2. Place the drain capacity, rags. Newspapers and a face key under the car. As lubricant liquid will be hotter, put on rubber gloves to prevent burns.
  3. Remove a stopper of a bulk mouth from differential; it is top of two stoppers.
  1. Having established drain capacity under differential, weaken a drain stopper; it is lower of two stoppers.
  1. Carefully turn off a drain stopper, you will not remove it from a casing yet.
  2. Let's all liquid flow down in drain capacity, then establish a drain stopper and reliably tighten it.
  3. Read instructions of the Section Check of Level of Lubricant Liquid of Differential and fill differential with lubricant liquid.
  4. Establish a bulk stopper and reliably tighten it.
  5. Lower the car on the earth. Having passed the first several kilometers, check whether the drain stopper proceeds.