17:21. Replacement of the air filter

Annually or each 20 000 km of a run

Carburetor engines


  1. Release spring clips, then give the central nut and uncover.
  2. Take the filtering element and wipe absolutely the case and a cover of the air filter.
  3. Establish the new filtering element, then establish a cover as it should be, the return to removal.

Engines with system of the central injection of fuel


  1. Release a collar on an inlet air duct and disconnect an air duct.
  1. Release fixing clips of a cover of the air filter.
  1. Turn off a cover up.

... remove it and take an element, having noticed in what party it should be twisted.

  1. Wipe with pure rags a filter casing from within, then establish a new element. If on an element there is a tag of TORAHS, surely establish it by this party up.
  2. Establish a cover and close clips.
  3. Connect an air duct and tighten the collar screw.