17.9. Check of level of lubricant liquid of automatic transmission

Two times a year or each 10 000 km of a run (that will come earlier)

Use of transmission liquid, excellent from specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management, can lead to violations in work of transmission or to its refusal.

Level of AT liquid has to be supported accurately. The lack of liquid can lead to a soskakivaniye from transfer or to the termination of transfer of rotation on driving wheels while the modulation of liquid can lead to its loss as a result of foaming. Both can serve as the reason of damage of transmission.

As transmission liquid extends when heating, its level should be measured when it warm, i.e. at a normal working temperature. If the car just passed more than 32 km, it is possible to consider that transmission liquid rather warm. Level of transmission liquid can also be measured and in a cold state. If the car staid more than five hours and liquid has temperature close to room (i.e. 20 °C), liquid can be considered cold. However better and more precisely to measure the level of warm liquid.

Results of measurement of level of transmission liquid cannot be considered rather exact if the car just passed a big distance at high speeds, it was operated in hot weather in the conditions of the intense city movement or used for towage of the trailer. In this case wait about 30 minutes before cooling of transmission.


  1. Right after a trip on the car park it on the flat platform, cock the parking brake and start the engine on single turns. Squeeze out a pedal of a brake and carry out the selector lever through all provisions, having begun and having finished on situation "P" (parking).
  2. The jellied tube and the probe of measurement of level of transmission liquid is in a back left corner of a motive compartment.
  1. At the idling engine take the probe from a jellied tube, wipe it dry with a piece of pure rags, again lower in a tube up to the end, pull out and determine liquid level. The probe of measurement of level of liquid of automatic transmission (it is specified by an arrow) is located at a partition in the left part of a motive compartment.
  1. Level of liquid has to be between two tags on the probe. If it is lower, than follows, add specified in the Size table and adjusting data at the end of the Management of liquid through a jellied tube - use a pure funnel, it is desirable with the small mesh filter in order to avoid a spillage.

At a dolivka be careful, trying not to bring dirt in transmission.

  1. Add only that amount of liquid which is necessary for achievement of the specified level to transmission. From lower to the top tag on the probe about 0.5 liters of hot liquid therefore add it gradually and every time are required check level before the achievement demanded.
  2. The condition of liquid is defined along with check of level. If liquid has black or dark red-brown color or a burned smell, it should be replaced (see the Section Replacement of Transmission Liquid and AT Filter). If you doubt concerning a condition of liquid, buy new liquid and compare its color and a smell to old.