16:16. Check and replacement of breakers of indexes of turn and alarm system

Some of latest models are equipped with a pneumopillow, or the Auxiliary Security system (SRS). To avoid possible damages of this system, the producer recommends with a pneumopillow to provide the procedure of competence of dealer office of service or auto repair shop described below since she demands use of the special equipment and technologies for models. There is also a danger of injuries in case the mechanism of the airbag incidentally works.

The block of breakers of indexes of turn and the alarm system is the small knot in the form of a box located in conducting in a steering column or near it. Access to it is provided after removal of casings of a steering column. To remove it, squeeze uvulas.

When the block of the breaker functions without failures, at inclusion of indexes of turn or the alarm system uniform clicks have to be heard. If one of indexes of turn refuses and the breaker does not publish characteristic clicks, it indicates that the alarm lamp refused.

If both indexes of turn do not burn, then the problem can consist in the burned-down safety lock, the idle block of the breaker, the broken switch or bad contact and disconnection of a chain. If bystry check of the assembly block of safety locks showed that the safety lock of a chain of the index of turn burned down, before its replacement check conducting for short circuit.

Make sure that the new block of the breaker is identical to replaced. Compare the old block with new before its replacement.

You make installation upside-down.