16:28. Check of work and repair of a heater of back glass

The heater of back glass consists of several horizontally located elements on the surface of glass.

Small damages to an element can be eliminated, without removing back glass.

Work check


  1. Include ignition and a heater of back glass.
  2. Place the positive probe of the voltmeter on a heater element, the next to the power supply.
  3. Wrap up a piece of aluminum foil around the negative probe of the voltmeter on a positive side of presumably faulty element and slowly advance the probe towards its negative side. You watch a voltmeter arrow - when it moves from a zero point, in this place there is a rupture of an element.


Repair is made directly on the place with use of the repair set recommended especially for this purpose such as repair BMW set No. 81 22 9 (or its equivalent). The plastic carried-out epoxy is a part of this set. The general instructions on this type of repair are given below; if the instructions attached to repair set disperse from below-mentioned, follow instructions in set.


  1. Before starting repair of an element, switch off it and let's cool down within several minutes.
  2. Slightly smooth out an element surface by means of a thin skin, then carefully clear it.
  3. Stick with an adhesive tape the repaired site, having left a crack for putting epoxy.
  4. Carefully mix epoxy, following instructions on packing.
  5. Apply epoxy material on the crack left in an adhesive tape, blocking the intact site approximately on 20 mm from each party.
  6. Leave the repaired site to stiffen for 24 hours before removal of a tape and use of a heater of back glass.