16:22. General information on the panel of alarm lamps of a reminder on the term of service (SI)

All models which have alarm lamps of a reminder on service term are equipped with the SI panel located in an instrument guard. This panel includes alarm lamps through a certain number of kilometers of a run of the car. It is possible to switch off these lamps only by means of the special device which is connected to the socket of check of the engine (see the Head Routine maintenance of the car). The SI panel is the independent device which includes a chip and batteries.

These batteries (are specified by shooters) feed the panel of alarm lamps of a reminder on the term of service (SI).

Recharged nickel - cadmium batteries of the SI panel feed memory of the computer at power failure (for example, during inclusion of ignition) or at total absence of tension (at the discharged or disconnected battery). It guarantees to the computer a continuous power that it continued to consider the passable kilometers and included alarm lamps in time.

Service life of batteries about 6 years after which they should be replaced with new. Besides, as they are recharged from system of the engine, they can fail for any reason earlier (for example, the burned-down safety lock, damage of conducting or too long inaction of the car). The excessive heat or cold can also reduce service life of batteries, especially a heat. Very high temperatures can lead even to splitting of batteries and an effluence of acid on components of an instrument guard.

The sat-down or discharged batteries can influence some devices operated by the SI panel. As signs that batteries of the panel sat down or were discharged unstable indications of a tachometer or the temperature sensor, background noise can serve in the radio receiver and impossibility to switch off alarm lamps of the panel by means of the special device.

Though it is possible to get from the producer only SI panel knot entirely, batteries are on sale separately in other places. As replacement of batteries can be available to the house mechanic, they are soldered to the panel that in case you are insufficiently competent of it and you have no necessary tools, this work was provided skilled the equipment electronics. Considerable economy of means can be reached if you remove an instrument guard (see the Section Removal and installation of components of an instrument guard) and you will carry it to the specialist in electronics.

The instrument guard and its components are very susceptible to static electricity. Make sure that you are grounded and on you there is no static electricity (touch a metal water pipe) before touching components of an instrument guard.