16.5. General information on safety locks

Electric chains of the car are protected by a combination of safety locks, breakers of a chain and fusible inserts. The block of safety locks settles down under the dashboard on the left side, in an electrical wiring. Latest models are equipped with also service center close to the block of safety locks, and containing certain components, such as the relay of a horn and an emergency signal.

Each safety lock is established to protect the separate chain what, it is specified on the panel of safety locks.

Tiny safety locks are mounted in the block. These safety locks of "knife" type, it is convenient to take out and replace them with finger-tips. At violation of work of any component of a chain always at first check a safety lock. It is easy to define the burned-down safety lock visually: via its transparent case it is possible to see any damage. If there is a need to carry out an inspection of conductivity of a chain, then it is easy to find tips of "knife" plugs on the safety lock case.

When replacing a safety lock make sure that the type of a new safety lock corresponds to burned down. Physically all safety locks are interchanged, but it is necessary to use only that type which is required. It is not recommended to establish safety locks of bigger or smaller value since each electric chain needs a certain degree of protection. Value of current of each safety lock is designated on its case.

If the replaced safety lock at once fuses, do not replace it again while the cause of defect is not established and is not eliminated. In most cases the short circuit in conducting caused by the worn-out or broken wire is the reason.