16:10. Replacement of the regulator of tension

The regulator of tension operates system of a charge, limiting the output tension of the generator. The regulator is the pressurized knot and is not subject to adjustment.

If the voltmeter shows that the charge does not occur (or if the lamp of control of charge/ignition burns) and the generator, the battery, a tension of a belt and electric sockets seem as it should be, send tension regulator for check to the dealer or the electrician.

Disconnect a negative wire of the rechargeable battery.

If the radio receiver of your car is equipped with system of protection against stealing, then before shutdown of the battery be convinced that the correct code of activization is known. Before a detachment of a wire apply for information to the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

If after connection of the battery on the display of the dashboard the message in other language appears, for the procedure of installation of language address the Section System of protection of the audio system against theft and language of an instrument guard.

Bosch generator

The regulator tension is installed outside on the generator case. For replacement of the regulator turn off nuts and remove a small cap of plugs from a generator cover, then turn off nuts and uncover.
On Bosch generators the regulator of tension is removed easily. This type of the regulator is combined with knot of brushes.

Installation back to removal.

Before installation of the regulator of tension check a condition of rings of a collector. Highlighting a lamp, check existence of furrows and deep flutes of wear. If necessary replace the generator.

Generator of Motorola

General view of the generator of Motorola


  1. Remove the generator from the engine (look the Section Removal and installation of the generator).
  2. Remove a back cover and the diode rectifier, unscrew screws of fastening of the regulator of tension and separate the regulator from the generator case.
  3. Installation back to removal.