16.4. Check of a state and replacement of wires of the battery


Periodically examine on all length each wire of the battery in search of damage, cracks or an obgoraniye of isolation and corrosion. Bad condition of tips of wires can cause difficulties at start of the engine and deterioration in its work.

If the radio receiver of your car is equipped with system of protection against stealing, before shutdown of the battery be convinced that the correct code of activization is known. Before shutdown of a wire apply for information to the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

If after connection of the battery on the display of the dashboard the message in other language appears, then for the procedure of installation of language address the Section System of Protection of the Audio System from theft and language of an instrument guard.

Check on the ends of wires tips of accession of wires to battery plugs for existence of the cracks which weakened a provolok and corrosion. Existence under isolation of a tip of a wire of white friable substance is a sign of corrosion and it is necessary either to clear a wire, or to replace. Check plugs for lack of a curvature, serviceability of fixing bolts and lack of corrosion.


At a detachment of wires always the first disconnect a negative wire and attach his last. It reduces risk of casual short circuit. Even, if only the positive wire is replaced, do not forget to disconnect the first from the battery a negative wire (behind further data on removal of wires of the battery watch Chapter Routine maintenance of the car).


  1. Disconnect old wires from the battery, then take away them in different directions and disconnect from the traction relay of a starter and the case. Remember laying of each wire correctly to establish subsequently.
  2. If former wires demand replacement, take them with yourself in shop. It is vital to replace wires with identical. Wires have the signs allowing them it is easy to distinguish: the positive wire of usually red color, bigger cross section also has a tip of bigger diameter; the negative wire of usually black color, smaller section also have a tip for the plug of a little smaller diameter.
  3. Clear carvings of plugs of the traction relay and the case of a rust and corrosion by a wire brush.

For prevention of corrosion in the future apply on carvings of plugs a thin film of inhibitor of corrosion for the battery or technical vaseline.

  1. Attach wires to plugs of the traction relay and the case and hardly tighten a nut / bolt.
  2. Before accession to the battery of a new wire be convinced that the wire without tension reaches the plug.
  3. Attach the first a positive wire, then - negative.