16:24. Adjustment of a beam of head headlights

Head headlights have to be correctly adjusted. Incorrectly adjusted headlights can blind the driver of the meeting halfway car and serve as the reason of serious accident, or considerably reduce your ability to see the road. It is necessary to check correctness of adjustment of head headlights each 12 months and every time during the replacing of headlights or repair of a forward part of a body. It is necessary to emphasize that the following procedure is only the intermediate step providing temporary adjustment of headlights that that moment when they can be adjusted in specially equipped workshop.

Head headlights have two adjusting screws, one of them operates vertical adjustment, and one - horizontal adjustment. Removal of a front grille can be necessary for receiving access to these screws (see the Head Kuzov).

There are several methods of adjustment of head headlights. The simplest of them requires an empty wall (or a garage door) in ten meters in front of the car and an equal floor.


  1. Attach an adhesive tape vertically on a wall on the line, the respective average line of the car, and being average for both headlights.

Perhaps, it will be easier to be made if at first to install the car in several centimeters from a wall, and then, after drawing all tags, to put it back on the necessary distance.

  1. Attach other adhesive tape horizontally on a wall on the line, the respective average line of all headlights.
  2. Put the car in 10 meters from the marked wall (the first line of the car has to be parallel to a wall). Adjustment has to be made at nominally loaded car, the gasoline tank has to be half filled.
  3. Begin adjustment with a beam of passing beam. Place a zone of the greatest intensity so that it was five centimeters lower than the horizontal line and on five centimeters from the vertical line to the right. Adjustment is made by rotation of the top adjusting screw clockwise for a raising of a beam and counterclockwise - for its lowering. The side adjusting screw for moving of a beam to the left or to the right is in the same way used.
  4. Having included a beam of driving beam, place a zone of the greatest intensity precisely to the vertical line and is slightly lower than horizontal.

Sometimes happens it is impossible to adjust precisely both beams, near and far light. If the compromise is necessary, you remember that passing beam is used much more often and it is much more important for safety of the driver.

  1. At the first opportunity adjust head headlights in dealer office or at the station of service.