16:29. General information on an auxiliary security system (SRS)

Latest models are equipped with an auxiliary security system (SRS) including the airbag. This system is developed to protect the driver from serious injuries in case of head-on collision. The system consists of the pneumopillow module in the center of a steering wheel, two sensors of blow mounted on panels of forward wings from the inside, and the safety sensor which is in a passenger compartment. Sensors of blow of the SRS system (it is specified by an arrow) are located in a motive compartment - regularly check whether there are no conducting damages.

The module of the airbag includes a casing for a pillow and pump blocks for inflating of a pillow. Assembly of the pump is mounted in a back part of a casing over an opening through which gas arrives, inflating a pillow almost instantly after the system sends an electric signal. This signal is transmitted on a wire which is specially twisted several times that the signal was transmitted irrespective of the provision of a steering wheel.

The SRS system has three sensors: two in front, established on panels of wings from the inside, and the safety sensor located in a passenger compartment. Blow sensors usually react to pressure, closing an electric chain during blow of sufficient force. The electric signal from sensors of blow is sent to the third sensor which then closes a chain and inflates a pneumopillow.

The module containing the safety sensor monitors work of system. It checks work of system every time at inclusion of ignition, forcing to be lit an alarm lamp of AIRBAG (pneumopillow), and then being switched off if the system works normally. If the system is faulty, then the alarm lamp remains included. If the lamp of AIRBAG remains included or if it is lit in operating time of the car, immediately send your car to dealer office of service.