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BMW of the 5th E28/E34 series

The body of E28 succeeded E12 body (to the first in the fifth series and in general to the first body which laid the foundation for "series" of BMW). The new E28 car was similar to E12, but had slightly changed proportions at the expense of what, the car looks lower and prompt. E28 had more versions of the engine, small external differences in design and much the improved suspension bracket (more balanced, reliable and doing the car very steady in turn).

E34 — modification of a body of BMW of the 5th series which was issued from 1988 to 1995 inclusive. BMW E28 was a predecessor of this body, and it was succeeded by BMW E39. In total 1333412 copies were released.

In October, 1987 the firm began производво the E34 families. Concerning E28, the body became more streamline, vertical indexes of turn in front, fog lights under a bumper appeared. Dimensions in comparison with the previous model of the fifth series noticeably grew: wheel base of 2760 mm; length 4720, width 1750, height is 1410 mm; a track in front 1465, behind - 1485 mm. At the same time, the mass of the car in comparison with the predecessor was reduced.

In comparison with the previous model of the fifth series — BMW E28 which is going back to developments of the beginning 1970kh years — cars of new family were a huge step forward. Considerably a set of the basic and optional equipment extended, the general technological level of the car noticeably increased. Significant progress was available and in the field of safety — E34 was one of the safest cars of the time thanks to very rigid body and an extensive set of means of active and passive safety (ABS, safety cushions etc.). Quality of assembly was very high, and E34 still is considered one of the most reliable cars in the history of firm. In 1991 the service Intellichoice assigned to BMW E34 the highest score of reliability in its class.

Control of a running gear provided the acceptable combination of comfort and controllability (however, preference was given the last). Versions with engines of large working volume differed in good dynamic characteristics, along with them also economic four-cylinder modifications, usually, with the simplified registration of an interior were issued.

A little rather small salon with the low line of a roof is focused on convenience of the driver: the dashboard console (available in color black, blue, gray, brown, beige and red (very seldom)) is deployed in its party, sitting of the driver has five electroadjustments; all is grouped so that to provide spacious landing on front seats. The excellent ergonomics of governing bodies were characteristic of E34.

The suspension bracket is not too soft, but at rather high quality of a covering of discomfort does not cause in passengers. Noiselessness when driving — company line of the BMW cars. Of the car it is characteristic silent, even at intensive operation, finishing of salon, the engine sounds hushfully even on high turns. Visibility in all directions, except back, sufficient, back - complicated.

The luggage compartment had the volume of 460 l, in its cover very complete set of the tool was placed — for many those years so full regular complete set became surprise. But all other additions (except, certainly, ABS of Bosch and a safety cushion for the driver) are offered only in options. The hydraulic booster of steering develops full capacity when maneuvering, and with growth of speed reduces the action for increase in accuracy of feedback. Brakes — with powerful delay, ideal informational content, softly and precisely working ABS.

The "fifth" series became the most representative on a set of engines in the production program of the company which created for it the wide range of high-quality line six-cylinder petrol power units with injection of Bosch-Motronik: 2,0 l, 129 h.p., tires 195/65 HR15 (model 520i); 2,5 l, 170 h.p. (525i); 3,0 l, 188 h.p., tires 205/65 VR15 (530i) and 3,4 l, 211 h.p., tires 205/65 VR15 (535i). They were aggregated with automatic 4-band and 5-staged mechanical transmissions.

In March, 1988 sedans 524td with the 115 h.p. turbodiesel appeared economic (9,3 l / 100 km in the city).

The top model - the M5 sedan with the engine with a working volume of 3,6 l (315 h.p.) and the fuel tank increased to 90 l appeared in January of the 1989th and at once won popularity in circles of fans "to prokhvatit with a breeze". Completed with the mechanical five-speed transmission, protivobuksovochny system and tires of dimension 235/45 ZR17 in front and 255/40 ZR17 behind, it became the most dynamic in the class (dispersal to 100 km/h for 6,3 with, the maximum speed is limited — 250 km/h).

In April the 1992nd this engine was replaced more powerful 3,8-liter 327-strong, and in a month its 340-strong version appeared.

In a serial complete set all cars equipped with amplifiers of brakes.

In BMW of those years there are two diagnostic interfaces, the earliest BMW interface known as ADS. ADS is a round connecting block with twenty contacts. Also in the BMW cars after 1996 standard shestnadtsatipinovy OBDII of a block began to appear. ADS in BMW existed prior to the beginning of two-thousand years, and was absent in late E38